Welcome to Paws at Penny's

I have been established for over 30 years and I am a qualified City & Guilds canine beautician.

'Paws at Penny's' is situated in Woodlands Park, Maidenhead. I have worked with dogs all my life, from as early an age as I can remember. In my spare time I teach dog obedience and also run the Barkshire Bandits Flyball teams. If anyone has a ball mad dog and would like to give this fast and fun sport a try then contact me for more details.

'Paws at Penny's' specialise in all types of breeds and sizes. All dogs are trimmed to the breed standard or to the owner's requirements. The dogs that come to 'Paws at Penny's' are given the best of care and attention. All dogs needs are discussed with the owner to gain an understanding on how they would like the dog trimmed.

All dogs receive a full head to tail grooming procedure which normally includes shampooing and conditioner, if required, nail clipping and hair removal from pads. A full groom to remove any tangles, and finished to the owner's requirements. Ears plucked and cleaned if necessary, anal glands expressed and all dogs are finished off with a dog cologne.

I have a small but functional grooming salon, with top of the range equipment. I only use top quality grooming products to ensure your dog has the best experience they deserve. I like to make your dog feel as relaxed and as comfortable as possible to give them a pleasant grooming experience. It gives me great pleasure to see my customers and dogs leaving the premises, feeling good, smelling sweet and their tails wagging behind them.

Grooming takes time and patience, taking into consideration all dogs needs and requirements depending on their age and breed.

At Paws at Penny's I like to build a loving relationship with all my customer's dogs, gaining their trust to give them an experience they enjoy, from the moment they arrive until they leave. Taking this into consideration, this is why I believe so many of my customers return time and time again for all their dogs grooming needs.


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